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Solar PanelsSolar Panels
The latest pv solar panels offer high efficiencies and high outputs, often used to charge batteries in remote power systems.

Solar Charge ControllersSolar Charge Controllers
Controllers are designed to look after the battery, by preventing overcharging from solar pv panels.
Wind GeneratorsWind Generators
Small scale wind generators can be an excellent solution for remote or marine power systems.
Deep Cycle BatteriesDeep Cycle Batteries
GEL, AGM and wet lead acid deep cycle batteries for use with solar or wind power systems.
2v, 6v and 12v cells - featuring Sonnenschein, Exide and Fiamm deep cycle batteries.
Battery ChargingBattery Charging
Battery chargers.
Battery MonitoringBattery Monitoring
Battery monitors are designed to accurately keep track of the state of charge of the battery bank.
Battery ProtectionBattery Protection
Most battery protection devices are used to protect batteries from overdischarge or being run too low.
DC to AC InvertersDC to AC Inverters
Inverters provide mains voltages from DC batteries, enabling the use of standard AC appliances.

They are often used on boats, caravans and in remote areas where a mains supply is required.
DC to DC ConvertersDC to DC Converters
DC to DC converters change the voltage of power from a battery to allow devices of other dc voltages to be powered.
DC LightingDC Lighting
DC CFL & LED Lighting is designed to run direct from batteries, which is more energy efficient than using an inverter.
DC VentilationDC Ventilation
Highly energy efficient DC powered fans & solar ventilation, designed to aid cooling in an energy efficient manner.
Solar Water PumpingSolar Water Pumping
These highly energy efficient water pumps are designed for use on solar or wind powered systems.
Efficient AppliancesEfficient Appliances
Energy efficiency is the key to successful solar, wind or battery powered energy systems.
Installation HardwareInstallation Hardware
This range of hardware has been selected to help make the installation of your system easier.
Product ArchiveProduct Archive
This section contains archived information regarding products we no longer supply including solar panels, wind generators, charge controllers and other renewable energy system components.
Special OffersSpecial Offers
New and secondhand reduced offers.

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