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An Introduction to Kyocera Solar Panels
In 1982, Kyocera was the first company in the world to start mass production of multicrystalline silicon solar cells. Kyocera has solar pv module manufacturing plants around the globe and European markets are supplied from their manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic. Founded in Japan in 1959, the company now has over 64,000 employees worldwide.

Kyocera's solar pv modules are used in diverse installations ranging from large-scale power plants, public and industrial facilities to residential houses all over the world.
As one of the world's leading solar pv manufacturers, Kyocera have a strong corporate environmental commitment.

Kyocera's new KD series polycrystalline solar panels offer a conversion efficiency of over 16%, providing high power from a compact panel. With performance warranties of 20 years* and a world class reputation, you can be assured these solar pv modules will produce clean, free power for many years to come.

* Mobile & marine applications excluded.  

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An Introduction to Kyocera Solar Panels

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